Why choose the little guy! 4 good reasons

Why choose the little guy! 4 good reasons

The demand for video and film is increasing by the year. More companies have seen the positive effect a good video is for their brand – and up until a few years back, this service was a luxury reserved for the big companies ready to spend the big dollars. After the rise of social media, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, there are now an array of platforms to reach audiences that don’t cost as much money as a TV spot does. In addition, equipment and camera gear has become affordable enough to make it available for the little guy. Here’s four reasons as to why you might not need to break the bank to get a good video to help market your business or promote a product



Not everyone has the budget of Coca Cola or Nike to hire big production companies. That’s where the freelancers and the small bureau’s come in the picture. With the equipment being of good enough quality makes video production possible on a reasonable budget. You won’t be paying for overheads such as owners taking a cut, no secretaries needing a salary and no expensive coffee machines needing maintenance. A freelancer makes do with instant coffee.



A small team or a “potato” like myself makes the process a little easier. The same person you talk to in the planning stage is also the one who’s out shooting and does the editing. Jack of all trades, the master of none is usually a negative term – but it shouldn’t be. Not in this case at least, because it means it’s possible to finish a project from a-z without outsourcing certain parts of it, which usually racks up a bill. This way you as the client can be more assured that nothing gets forgotten or information doesn’t get lost in the translation. The budget is smaller, the equipment is smaller and the film is smaller. It’s easier to get in, get the shots needed and then get out and deliver the film.



This market is a dog eat dog where the biggest dog in the pen never goes hungry, but you should never underestimate the little dog eating the leftovers. Talent isn’t born by the expensive equipment or by the amount of assistants you have – what your brand needs might be whatever vision the little rutt of the little possess has for your project. You get the results you need and help the little guy up in the process.



Seeing as freelancers always have to chase their work – quality is the upmost important feature. If a freelancer doesn’t deliver what’s promised, that client is lost forever. The word of mouth recommendations, the core of the business model, and your reputation gets scarred. With this in mind, you will be sure to get the extra inch every time.


In conclusion, you don’t have to spend the big dollars for your companies video production of whatever you might need. There are guys out there, like myself, who work in the scale you need it to be. You shouldn’t go for the absolute cheapest option out there as it’s true what they say: you get what you pay for – but the sweet spot is probably in the middle range somewhere for the best bang for your buck.

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