An Introduction

An Introduction

A brief introduction

My name’s Daniel. A 23 year old videographer by day and a car-nerd by night.  Currently based 20 minutes south of Oslo, Norway. Graduated from Westerdals School of Communication the summer of 2016, and have been freelancing ever since.  I started doing photography back in 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera. In 2010 I realized moving images was a bit more interesting.

I’ve mostly been specialising in documentary and VJ work, but also the odd music video, product video’s or behind the scenes. As you might see from what types subject of videos I’ve made, I’m clearly into cars and everything that revolves around it. Especially the people, which was my focus on my bachelor film that I will get into in detail at a later date.


Why does this site exist?

O’snap started as a way to brand my work, make something recognizeable and something bigger than myself – which is what this site is there to develop further. It’s here for me to document and show my work I intend to write about the work I do, essays about what I know and learn about filmmaking. I’m by no means an authority in the field, far from it. I still feel like it’s the first time I pick up a camera each time I make a film. But the goal is to grow as a videographer and creator – and maybe it’ll even help someone else along the way too.

Keep an eye out on this site in the future, and see what’s up!


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