Tools are half the job

Tools are half the job

They say the right tools is half the job. Which is true, although it isn’t that simple. If you’re a one man band without an unlimited budget there will always be compromises. You can’t always have the right tool for the job, but you have the tools for the job to get done within the practical and financial restraints. Maybe it’s a good thing, that you can’t have all the gear you’d ever need for any and all situation you’ll encounter. Sure, you might yield better results on a shoot – but I find that having limitations in for an example lenses increases creativity, and it might even become a style of yours.


Another crucial factor that comes into play with equipment is, you might need to travel with it. Not only need you fit everything safely into cases for it to be man-handled by airport baggage crew (please buy quality hardcases with foam inside), but you need to carefully predict exactly what you need to bring. You don’t want to pay the oversize baggage fee for something you definitely won’t be needing for your shoot.  If you shoot documentary style like I often do, you need to be able to get your gear out quickly with as little set up time as possible. This is why I like to keep my choice of gear as minimal, simple and “out of the box” as possible. The Sony FS7 is my choice of weapon as a main camera. It ticks most boxes of what you will need, and is ready right out of the box,  and it provides a lot of bang for every buck. It does 4K, sLog, 150fps and decent audio controls with a good image within its price range and Sony has been leading the game in that segment for a few years now. Which is why I also opted for the highly praised Sony a7sii as a secondary camera for my gimbal work to match its bigger brother. Although with the a7s there are a few things it leaves desired – for an example the in-house 4 axis stabilization could be a whole lot better, which sadly produces quite shaky images when hand held because of the lack of weight of the camera. Currently considering my options with wide-angle zoom lenses with optical stabilization to remedy that problem.


Naturally as any tech-nerd like myself, quality is extremely important. You want to produce the best possible result in any situation to make that film the best possible, as long as the gear doesn’t turn into a crutch and you lose the opportunity to catch a great moment because you were fiddling with technicals.


We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.

-Marshall McLuhan



Equipment list

Sony a7s ii

Sony FS7

Freefly MoVi M10

Freefly M10 Full Cage

Freefly Toad In The Hole Quick Release Mount

Freefly Toad Male Adapter

Sennheiser SK100

x1 Sony XQD 64GB

x2 Lexar XQD 32GB

x2 Sony 64GB SD

Feelworld FW760 Full HD Monitor

11″ Magic arm

Manfrotto 509HD video head w/ 545 Legs

Jason Case Movi M10 w/Cage & Toad-in-the-hole

Pelican 1510 w/ foam (yellow)



x2 Metabones adapter

B+W Variable ND

Canon 24mm f/1.4 L

Canon 50mm f/1.2 L

Canon 70-200 f/4 L mk1 


Computer hardware

Home built Desktop W10 64bit, 128GB of RAM, 2.5GB SSD’s and 11TB of internal disks

Nvidia GTX 1080Ti

Intel(R) Xeon E5-1660

Samsung 28-uinch UHD LED 4K

Macbook Pro 2013

1TB external G-drives

x2 M-audio BX5



Adobe CC


I will update this list when it’s subject to change.

*disclaimer, none of the above is paid endorsement. All equipment is bought fully.


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