New inspiration with old ways – analog photography

New inspiration with old ways – analog photography

When you’re turning your hobby into a way of living, you run the risk of losing the passion for it. The feeling of being a kid discovering something for the first time. Doing it for the pure reasons of creating.

That is the reason I dusted off my dads old Minolta XG-1(n) from 1984, ordered a couple old lenses from Japan and a bunch of film. The best way to evolve and develop (pun intended) is to try new things, challenge yourself and your hard to break habits. Break the mould.


Below are a bunch of images I’ve shot over the last few months, both film and digital. I have rediscovered my love for still photography, which has been lost for quite some time. The images below are uploaded in high resolution – so feel free to right click and open them in a new tab to see the full detail. Only for personal use, I might add. No commercial use without written permission!



Now go out and shoot, get inspired!


(last image shot by allan hagen)

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